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Affiliate Marketing Hero

For Beginners or Anyone Trying To Quickly Build a Real Profitable Online Business (for only $17)

The step-by-step method to create a profitable affiliate business

Course No 1.

First Steps

The Video Series Covers In Step By Step Detail

Module 1: Affiliate Marketing Basics

Module 2: Affiliate Marketing Set-up

Module 3: 4 Step Process

Module 4: Email

Module 5: Lead Pages

Module 6: FAQ

Course No 2.

You Can Master Affiliate Marketing

The Video Series Covers In Step By Step Detail

Module 1: Find Out The Surprising Truth About Affiliate Marketing

Module 2: Find Out How to Uncover the Hottest Markets Around

Module 3: Find a Golden Needle In an Affiliate Marketing Haystack

Module 4: How To Bait Your Prospects With An Irresistible Offer

Module 5: How to Build A Professional Lead Magnet Page

Module 6: How to Turn A Blog Into Their #1 Sales Tool

Module 7: Discover How The Super Affiliates Make More Sales

Module 8: How To Get Inside Your Prospects Head

Module 9: How To Get Vendors Sending Traffic To You

Module 10: Find Out The Top 3 Ways To Attract Cash In Hand

Plus 10 Modules: Advanced Affiliate Marketing

Course No 3.

Lead Generation Mastery

The Video Series Covers In Step By Step Detail

Lecture 1: Lead Generation Mastery Overview

Lecture 2: How to Create Your ‘Bribe’ Offer

Lecture 3: How to Create A High Converting Landing Page

Lecture 4: How to Write Follow-Up Email

Lecture 5: Buying Email Solo Ads

Lecture 6: Generating Lead Through Facebook

Lecture 7: Ad Swaps

Lecture 8: Using Google Adwords to Generate Leads

Lecture 9: 100% Commission

Lecture 10: Adding Your Offer to Other People’s Thank You Page

Lecture 11: Joining Giveaway Event

Lecture 12: Search Engine Optimization

Course No 4.

Copy-Rocket Your Sales Copy

The Video Series Covers In Step By Step Detail

Lecture 1: The #1 Way To Make More Money

Lecture 2: How to Write Captivating, Cash-Pulling Headlines

Lecture 3: Crafting Compelling Sales Letter Openers

Lecture 4: How to Create Irresistible Benefit Statements

Lecture 5: Sales-Record Shattering CTAs

Lecture 6: How to Write a Slick Risk-Reversal

Lecture 7: Pssst… They Think You’re Lying

Lecture 8: The Conversion-Boosting Power of a P.S.

Lecture 9: Good Things Come In Small Packages?

Lecture 10: Video Killed the Sales Letter Star?

Enroll Today and Get These Bonuses

Enroll Today and Get These Bonuses

  • Bonus 1: FREE Access to a Marketing Platform to Build Your Funnels & Email List
  • Bonus 2: Affiliate Marketing Emails Templates to Help You Build Your Autoresponder (200+days)
  • Bonus 3: Bamf Bible (pdf) 30+ Case Studies of The Best Growth Hacks for Your Online Business
  • Bonus 4: The Butterfly Marketing Strategy (pdf) - How to Achieve a Viral Marketing
  • Bonus 5: Email Marketing Newbie to Professional (pdf)

You will receive:

  • 4 Course, with hundres of modules
  • 200 Email Templates
  • Bamf Bible (pdf)
  • The Butterfly Marketing Strategy (pdf)
  • Email Marketing Newbie to Professional (pdf)

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